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BIGBANG on Weekly Idol, Finally!

Finallyyyy! After a long wait, BIGBANG on Weekly Idol! Seriously, after G-Dragon’s Weekly Idol appearance last 2013, I have been crying out for the whole group to be on the show. VIPs, our prayers have been heard!

They actually divided it into two episodes (Episodes 284- 285) which is a plus for us the fans. 😀 Since the boys are already veterans, not just in the music industry but in variety shows as well, they made the whole show a lot more fun. I think the fans has not seen this side of BIGBANG in a while. They were goofy, happy and it was refreshing to watch, really.

Weekly Idol’s highlight is the “Random Play Dance.” They were basically doing their own thing, improvising a step just to get through it and forgetting their own song and choreography.


Of course, I won’t forget how my bias, T.O.P was being so “Bingu.” He can shift from being charismatic to I-forgot-I’m-an-idol image (in a funny way) real quick. My cheeks were actually hurting for smiling because of his craziness. It actually made me think about his military enlistment this coming February 2017. We won’t be witnessing his funny side for a while. Well, two years is not that long hehe!


The whole crew prepared a lot. They were worried that they won’t get another golden chance like this. They made the boys do stuff that made them ask “Whyyyy?” From showing off Gwiyomi version 2.0 to dancing girl groups’ songs. Yes, everybody, these are treasures to be kept forever!


The last part had me cracking, they did the 2x speed version of “Bang Bang Bang!” As usual, T.O.P being T.O.P! He had the time of his life in this part. The boys, they were awesome as always. Just bringing laughter and creating great memories!



This is definitely a must watch! I had a wonderful time watching the boys. I will surely miss them and I am looking forward for more years to come and see BIGBANG complete again!


My First Kpop Album and Fan Meeting (ZE:A) DAEBAK!!

When I first got into Kpop, I was one of those teenagers that would do anything just to meet OPPA! Then, a golden chance came! Finally, a kpop band visiting my country and it is ZE:A!! I did not let this opportunity slip away. I was just a high schooler that time and like we all know not all teenagers get tons of money from mama and papa. Good thing, my allowances were there to fangirl with me!


As you can see I take good pictures hehe.

My friend and I just planned to watch them from afar since we were poor huhu 😭 but we were itching to see them up close. We decided to risk our allowances, skip meals and go broke (nah, not to these extremes 😜). Eventually, we bought the album. This serves as our ticket to enter the premises and have Oppadeul to sign it.

Walking pass every fangirls’ biggest obstacle – barricades! Then slowly walking towards them. Eto na ‘to bes!

Finally, oppas before my eyes! (Our bags were taken before ascending the stage) Shaking, I got the first autograph. Honestly, you wouldn’t really comprehend what was going on. All you know is that oppas are right before you smiling and greeting you! It all happened so fast, until you reach the last oppa huhu.


It was a great experience, especially for a Kpop die hard fan.

Speaking of die hard, my friend was really jjang when ZE:A was about to leave. She accidentally obtained Min Woo’s water bottle. 😂

These all happened way back January 2012. I suddenly remembered this beautiful experience and thought that I should share it with other Kpop fans out there.

How about you, what was your first Kpop experience?